Cape Fear Jazz Society Past Event Photos | Cape Fear Jazz Society

The Cape Fear Jazz Society is pleased to bring you this chronicle of our most popular past events. Our events are designed to showcase local jazz musicians and highlight the importance of the history of jazz. Past events include our 10th Anniversary Celebration with a concert by the Count Basie Orchestra, as well as recent salutes to Billy Holliday and Arthur Prysock. Other concerts have featured world-renowned artists such as Houston Person, Freddy Cole, Russel Malone, the Brubeck Brothers and many others. 

The Wilmington area boasts a great wealth of homegrown artists who have contributed to our local concerts. Grenoldo Frazier's tribute to Louis Armstrong, vocalist Prince Taylor's tribute to Billy Eckstein at our Jazz @ the CAM series, and Lisa & Galen performing in our Bellamy Mansion series are just a few examples of our past concert events. Vocalist Liz Pina and the Frog Project have brought the house down at Jazz @ the CAM, and the always exciting Doug Irving Quartet regularly plays local venues.

As a prospective member, take a few moments to browse through our photos to see the types of events we sponsor. Also, we invite our members to send us their pictures of the concerts they attend so we can keep this section fresh and exciting. When submitting a photo, please send your name along as well. We will contact you before we post any of your photos.

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